“The EARTH without ART is just EH”

Let’s forget all we know and everything we’re used to. The toolbox we know is just a small part, one drawer in the toolbox that actually is out there. The first step in search for THE sollution should be coming up with new ones, not choosing from what we already have (following the philosophy of design thinking).

I am currently in Nasutów, a beautiful village in the East of Poland. It’s day 5 od the Social Innovation Summer School that we have organized as UNDP for people whose work is dedicated to transforming the region. Last night, we watched “Bogota Change” – “the film that once transformed my way of thinking,” as Piotr Krośniak (@piotrkrosniak) said in the end.  “What was the novelty,” I asked. “It’s art,” he said “not investments, but art that transforms people’s lives.” Sure, many things would not be possible without proper infrastructure and financial support, the clue however is that ensuring these is simply not enough. And when it comes to transforming people’s behavior – broadly understood art comes in handy.

A couple of days ago, “Roxy” radio (owned by Agora – one of the biggest media companies in Poland) together with Grey Group Agency launched a social campaign called “Operation Hooligan.” The idea behind it is SIMPLY to cure the society of violence. Campaign is based on smartphone and Facebook applications. With the use of art, singing, handcraft, and dance you can lower the level of your adopted hoooligan’s aggression. User can make the hooligan perform any of these forms of art – as a result the level of aggression that is displayed on the bar on the bottom of the screen lowers; when it reaches 0, the hooligan is cured.  “This campaign is very much needed; we hope that it will show people that something bad is happening on Polish streets. “Operation Hooligan” should deflate the Polish baloon of aggression,” says Tymon Tymański – Polish musician who plays the hooligan in the campaign.

Operation Hooligan



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