monumental crowdsourcing

Centrum Cyfrowe Projekt: Polska (Digital Center Project: Poland) is a “think-and-do tank building digital society in Poland” (great fan!). Their major focus is open-data, open-government and open licences in the societył this way they aim to “foster broad social, civic and cultural engagement with the use of digital tools.” In July this year Centrum Cyfrowe launched a nation-wide crowdsourcing campaing to map all historical monuments in the country as well as abroad and create a comprehensive database with up-to-date information about their location, condition, use, etc. With the use of an application designed to facilitate the process almost 5000 people from all over the country got involved in the process of creating the database. Special guided tours were organized in many different cities in order to get people involved and help collect the data. As a result, basic information about 6305 monuments were checked at least once.

Here is the map of social engagement in the action.

cities involved in the action

In a couple of weeks the database will be published and we will be able to further extend and complement it. I’m looking forward to browsing the site! Naturally (I don’t even think it needs a mention), everything is published under CC BY 3.0 license.

open monuments logo

You can follow Centrum Cyfrowe [in Polish] on twitter @centrumcyfrowe and Facebook.



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