Let’s do it! #LOTE2

The second Living on the Edge conference (#LOTE2) sets off in Brussels in less than 12 hrs! Having produced the  “EDGERYDERS guide to the future” (Handbook for Policymakers) during the first LOTE conference several months ago, Edgeryders now meet to form “a European action network to help local projects make a real difference” and further answer the “how” question of policy making and bottom-up empowerment in Europe. 

For the next four days (December 6-9 – here you can find the agenda), Edgeryders will be: looking for tools, methods and solutions that can facilitate building stronger, more viable and resilient societies; networking and looking for inspiration; arguing and agreeing, and most importantly will be building something special.

On Friday, together with Ilaria d’Auria and Vinay Gupta I’ll be co-leading the session called Policy Hero Challenge. Our topic: Supporting bottom-up social infrastructures. Here in a few words you can read what it is all about:

A multitude of individual skills and time are highly undervalued, excluded from the labour market in times of layoffs or government inability to provide (at least temporary) support. Yet in various parts of Europe, at hyper local scales, innovative doers are prototyping groundbreaking ways that combine community spirit, peer to peer learning and economic value, while increasing resilience. (…) 

This actionable starts with a conversation around how to improve resilience and sustainability of a number of promising initiatives, followed by process design to unlock local resources by connecting existing initiatives and their protagonists with local and transnational stakeholders.

Two other, paralel topics for the Friday Policy Hero Challenge session are:

1. Building trust, taking risks, and providing timely support.

2. Rewiring innovation Policy.

I am truly excited to be taking aprt in this amazing event!

You can follow us on twitter #LOTE2, @edgeryders, and (as much as possible) @justynakrol

We will also be sharing the outcomes of the sessions and our own impressions later on!

See you there!

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