2013: embrace the unknown

This year I made no resultions except for one: embrace the unknown. I decided I want 2013 to be a year of the unexpected, unplanned, new, not yet tested, beyond my comfort zone. I feel strong enough to take all the risks an approach like this may carry. And I’m sharing it with you on a blog devoted to “professional” topics, because I believe that this is what we all should do.

Dear fellow devs, let’s make 2013 a year of testing, prototyping and innovating. A year of pushing the limits and stepping into the unknown, beyond our comfort zones. I am sure that this will bring much more benefit to the work we do (and to our personal lives) than all the overhours in the world could ever bring. Let’s reject the good-old, try new and risk failure. Let’s fail one time or another. And as we do, let’s share our experiences with others, so that we all feel comfortable with searching and failing early.

These are my late-night-early-new-year thoughts for 2013.

I wish us all an amazing year!

obraz Romana Opalki

The Finite Defined by the Nonfinite, Roman Opalka (died on August 6, 2011 in Chieti, Italy)



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