smartup eurasia: connecting with YOU

Originally on Voices from Eurasia

screenshot of the website

We created a map called smartup eurasia,* to provide a tool for sharing and learning about social innovation events across the region, including:

  • Hackathons
  • Social innovation labs
  • Open government conferences
  • Startup weekends

Smartup eurasia is a crowdmap, which means that it can be updated by anyone, including you!

It is based on the Ushahidi platform, which allows you to submit and share information in just a couple of easy steps.

Why this map?

We’ve all been there. We all went to at least one event that stood out.

And when we look back, it is the people that we met there and the way they shaped what was happening that we remember the most.**

In other words, it is the people you gather that can transform your event from neat to game-changing.

We are hoping that through smartup eurasia you will be able to reach out to like-minded people in the region and invite them to explore new ideas and create innovative ways of approaching social problems.

Ideally, this platform will become a networking space for people who want to do more and search for new, sustainable ways of developing our communities, countries and eventually our region.

What are the benefits?

Thanks to the map you can:

  • Make your event more visible – we will be helping you get the word out
  • Reach out to people interested in exploring innovative ideas
  • Learn about interesting social innovation events around you

This map is the first step in the direction of creating an online space for all innovative buzz going on in the region.

What will be the next one? Let’s think about it together!

*Credit Zuzka Aschenbrenner

**For me this one event was #LOTE2 last December, organised by Edgeryders



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