Just fell in love with a tool! Check this if you’re visual too!

Some laugh at my flipchart fetish. Nothing I can do about it. I just have to see things. I understand theoretical constructs by drawing. I win arguments (or get to understand that I lost) by drawing. I prioritize by drawing. I plan my work by drawing. That’s my way. But that’s not easy if u want to have your drawings with you all the time.

I’ve been using mindmaps ever since I was 15. They helped me throughout college. They helped me in my work. But there is something about mindmaps that makes them similar to what they say about democracy – it’s bad, but it’s the best thing we have. Not anymore, my friends! I meam, no mindmaps, not “no democracy” :) Just came across mural.ly – a tool that allows you to create your “murals” with all the pictures, links, videos, documents, postit notes and drawing you could ever think of. It allows you to collaborate on a mural online (such an awesome potential for workshops and group work!!!). You can synchronize it with google docs. There are ready-made canvas, and soooo much more! AND, it’s free in the basic version!

Ok, I stop now and let you test it by yourself :)

Mural.ly Studio Design from Angeles Cortesi on Vimeo.




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