procrastination will kill you


“procrastination will wipe me out”

I woke up today terrified and almost heartbroken. Marina Abramovich Institute has been running a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and apart from spreading the word about it, I really really wanted to chip in! But I kept procrastinating – never was it the right time. So when I woke up today, I thought: “shit! It’s over! I won’t be a part of it…” But then I checked (my heart full of weakening hope) and there it was! 33 hrs to go! Just in time.

And then I thought about you. Maybe you too have been procrastinating voting for Millie Begovic‘s awesome project in MIT Climate CoLab contest. Maybe next Sunday you too will wake up regretting the fact that you’ve been procrastinating taking action this whole time; thinking “It’s only 3 minutes and I couldn’t even find that!”

Knowing well how it feels, I’m sening this call to action! Spend 3 minutes today to cast your vote and then spend another 3 minutes reminding about the vote someone, who you know would regret not having supported Millie’s project too! :)

Thanks! And happy voting!




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